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Ok, so you have decided to make your own website for kids? Very good news, it is quite easy. Lets get started using the fundamentals. Firstly you will be going to need to get yourself a domain. A domain is the name you type in to your world wide web browser to arrive at the site you are looking for. We explain the primary concepts of hosting your domain here.

Your domain name should really related to what your web page is going to become about. I know a whole lot in the major names on the internet have names unrelated to what they give like Google and Amazon. But unless you strategy on having a household name you would be greater off naming your site something relevant. This will aid men and women come across it much easier and commence obtaining your web site noticed. So if your web-site is going to be about sports get started contemplating a name like or


Now you have the name you need it’s time to go out there and make it your personal. In the event you decide on to go the totally free route you are able to make an account at internet sites like or These sites will let you select your personal name and provide you all the tools you'll want to get your personalised web page on line free of charge. Your site will possess a name like which will make it easy adequate to don't forget and obtain.


As we talk about in this post we assume you might be far better off acquiring paid hosting when you are serious about your web-site. There are plenty of terrific benefits and with a few of the great discounts becoming provided you'll be able to have your personal domain name for $5 or much less a year. sounds greater and is going to be less complicated for people to locate than


So have you thought what name your kid would like for their web-site? Lets get began. A speedy google look for “domain registrars” will turn up pages of web-sites you could use to register your domain name. For the convenience of doing naming and hosting at reasonable rates we advise Hostgator. Once you've got selected a website form inside the domain name you'd like for your website.


Now you may find the precise name you would like is just not obtainable. Not to worry there are many options. Most websites will display a list of alternate similar names you can use. Most usually you may be capable of get the name you want just with .net or .org as an alternative to .com. If that may be not available then it is possible to attempt placing in hyphens by way of example Having a bit of basic creativity you will soon find a name you like that may be accessible and relevant to what your web page is going to become about.


Ok, so go ahead and get your name locked in so we can commence receiving in to the enjoyable stuff and have your 1st web page up where the world can see it!


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